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All Poems Property of Chris Church

Duplication Without Permission is Not Permitted

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"The Shattering Of Freedom"

The day begins
Brisk and bright
Sun was shining
Not a cloud in sight
The day was shattered
Not long after
A violent crash
Shook building rafters
Fireballs filled
The morning sky
We're all in shock
A nation wonders "why"
Terror and shrieks
Around the world
Rubble tossed
And buildings hurled
These evil people
Will pay the ultimate price
They took so much away
Stole so many lives
No one can contemplate
The attack the world has shared
They twisted our feelings
How could someone dare
Something no one on earth
Is neglecting to feel
It's hitting us all
Yet seems so unreal
An unsure country
Sure of one thing
Together we stand
United we sing
While Lady Liberty
Looks on with pride
As Americans become heroes
Saving hundreds of lives
Still this nation
Knows not what to say
Though we all agree on one thing
God Bless The USA

By: Chris Church

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The hard times you're going through

Will get better soon

You ease it with booze

An occasional tune

While you go through it

Don't think you're alone

I'm here by your side

As solid as stone

I'll be here as long

As I possibly can

To be a listening ear

Or to lend you a hand

The only thing

That I can't do for you

Is hold you in my arms

Which is what I want most to do

As long as you know I'm here for right now

And that I'll never leave

If I know you

There's an ace up that sleeve

You don't know it now

Who knows when you will

But once you see what it is

Then you'll start to heal

I'll do what I can

To get you to see

That as long as you hurt

You can lean right on me

By:Chris Church

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Another One Gone

I thought I'd found

A love so strong

I've looked and waited

Oh so long

Straight to my heart

Is where she went

I've cherished each moment

That we've together spent

So many times

I've given up

Right when the doors open

They slam right back shut

Don't wanna give up

On this love that we've found

I'm trying everything I can

As hopeless as it sounds

How can she give up

On this wonderful thing

Thinking of losing her

My heart breaks , my ears ring

I feel burning from deep inside

The pain and tears

I'm trying to hide

I can't eat

I can't sleep

The hurt that's been caused

Just runs so deep

I'm sick of overcoming

These feelings of pain

Everytime I see a glimmer of sun

Down comes the rain

By:Chris Church

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Friends can be so hard to find

But you were there for me

If I never noticed there at first

It didn't take long to see

You help me through the times that hurt

With kind words from your heart

You help me now, you helped me then

You helped me from the start

So lucky I am

To have a friend like you

When the skies turning gray

You turn it back to blue

I only hope you understand

Your help's appreciated much

And if someday we're somewhere else

I hope we keep in touch

Just one more thing before I go

I want you to know this too

I love you so, and can't begin

To show my thanks to you

By:Chris Church

Written For Bryna

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Baseball players see the wall

Over that's where they wanna hit the ball

The checkered flag is what a racer sees

They aim for that and shoot the breeze

A singer sees a crowd of fans

Their star goes up, and they hope it never lands

Hockey players see the net

They slam the puck and see what they get

I have a goal just as they do

Only mine isn't to score,it isn't to win, it's just to be with you

By: Chris Church

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Angel, for your birthday

I wish I could do more

I'd love the chance to hold you

To show up at your door

But the only way that I know how

To show my feelings true

Is to give my heart and soul

In this poetry to you

If I could I'd give

The world to you

Tons of hugs and kisses

And a million I Love You's

Wrap you in my arms

And look in your eyes so deep

Make this day your very best

And hold when you sleep

Take all your troubles on myself

So you can feel serene

Make this day spectacular

And nothing in between

But for now, this poetry's

The best that I can do

To show you what you mean to me

And to tell you I love you

Happy Birthday, I Love You, angel


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If I Could Write A Song

If I could write

A song to you

You'd see my love

Is strong and true

It runs as deep

As the ocean blue

Then you'd know

That I love you

As of now

You have no clue

It makes me feel

So sad and blue

But you'll find out

And time will tell

But till then

I'll go through hell

By:Chris Church

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If Only I Knew How

Your touch, your smell

The way you kiss

When I'm with you

It's purely bliss

You're my angel sent

From up above

To fill me with

Undying love

For you I would lay

My life right down

Just so you'd never

Wear a frown

Just a tear

One little tear

Falls from my eye

As I wish you were here

You own my soul

You own me now

To show my love

If only I knew how

By:Chris Church

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I'm Always Here

My heart was broken

The other night

I wish I could make

My feelings right

I wish that I loved

Another girl

But you sent my heart

In such a whirl

I wish I could tell you

I'm always here

In case you're in need

You shouldn't fear

If you need a shoulder

On which to cry

I'd do anything

For you I would die

By:Chris Church

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Is It Yes Or No

You have my heart

It's in your hands

You are the one

I'd like to land

I don't know

If you love me too

I really do not

Have a clue

I've called you up

A time or two

But you won't say

If you feel this too

I wish that you'd

Just say "get lost"

But I'll try to win you

At any cost

If you won't tell me

Yes or no

I'll keep trying

Until I know

By:Chris Church

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Just Be Happy

My love for you

Grows more each day

It grows in all directions

In each and every way

I hope you're happy

Whatever choice you make

But I don't know how much more

My dying heart can take

At this moment

We're only friends

But all my love

To you I send

By:Chris Church

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Just One Shot

These feelings for you

Began long ago

But I was afraid

Afraid to let it show

I don't know why

I was so scared

So afraid to tell you

That I really cared

I'm not saying I love you

But I like you a lot

How will I know

If I can't give it a shot

Just one chance

Is all I ask

If I have one chance

I'll finish the task

By:Chris Church

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Looking Back

You don't always know

Just how much you care

When you first start out

Maybe the feelings just aren't there

It's weird what you miss

Once you know that she's gone

You miss all the small things

Feel so lost and alone

You see all the good things

That you missed before

You end it fairly quickly

Then realize your choice was poor

But it took ending it

To figure out, it could have been more

If I'd given it more time

Maybe it was her, I could for lifetimes adore

By: Chris Church

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Loving You

I really love you

I truly do

The thing that hurts

Is I can't have you

What he loves you

I love you double

You don't know

And that's the trouble

If you'd believe

I'd have a chance

If I could have just one dance

I think I'd sweep you

Off your feet

But he's got it all

I can't compete

By:Chris Church

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My Brave Katy

Never have I seen

A girl as brave as Katy

To be brave enough to make a life

For sweet little Kylie and Sadie

To leave what she's known for so long now

So she can bring happiness

To her family somehow

Overcoming the fear

I know she must feel

Finally realizing life's not lost

Her fate is not sealed

Though I can't tell her now

I can only hope she knows

My brave little Katy owns my heart

My Katy owns my soul

By:Chris Church

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My Chevelle

I have a car

A Sweet Chevelle

A pea-green beast

Her name-Michelle

With a 307

A small V-8

But she'll never be done

If I keep at this rate

I see her complete

In all my dreams

She'll be such

A screaming machine

With a 396 under the hood

Boy will she be lookin' good

Rally wheels and a vinyl top

She'll never make it to the shop

She'll be kept so nice and clean

But she'll be blue

Not that nasty green

Bucket seats

And a GT wheel

To ride in her

Will be such a thrill

White letter tires

With beauty rings

If only it were real

And not in my dreams

By: Chris Church

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My Friend Katy

I care so much

For this Katy of mine

But there's so much distance

She's too far to find

When I step outside

I look all around

To the left, to the right

She's nowhere to be found

A glance through a crowd

That's all that I need

To overflow this heart

That I need to feed

But will I need more

Once she's caught my eye

Will I get the feeling

If I don't touch her I'll die

Then what's after that

Can I just care too much

And how can I show her

How much I cherish her love

I know what I'll be

Her lover, her friend

So much of my love

To her I will send

From now until

The end of time

Will she be the one

That just slipped by

By:Chris Church

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My Oath To You

I've messed up

A time or two

I went away

And left you blue

You opened your heart

Back up to me

How I could ever repay you

I just don't see

You've brought that joy

That I once knew

To give you all my love

Is all I can do

Maybe not diamonds

Maybe not gold

Only my heart

Only my soul

What's mine is yours

Everything you see

I'll give you all I can

Whatever it may be

If It's beyond my power

To give it to you

I'll give all I've got

To get it for you

All I need

Is you in my arms

Give me all your love

And all your charms

This my creed

My oath to you

Everything I can do

I'll do......for you

By:Chris Church

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My Sweet Little Girl

Your hair of blonde

Your eyes of blue

You feel like someone

I've always knew

There's just a way

You make me feel

This romance seems

Just so unreal

Can't wait to meet

This girl so sweet

The way she is

No girl competes

By:Chris Church

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My Way

The way I show

My feelings for you

May be different

Than the way that you do

I hope giving them to you

Doesn't make you mad

Because if you hurt

I feel so sad

I just want you to see

What you mean to me

I hope telling you

Won't make you flee

I can't look you

In the face any longer

But not really knowing

Just makes my love stronger

I'm hurting so bad

Because you have another love

But you are the girl

I've been dreaming of

By:Chris Church

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The Memory

Tasting this wine

Then your sweet red lips

In my mind the word "love"

Constantly flips

Your capturing voice

The way that you move

Feeling your body

Move with this sweet groove

Grinding together

Skin against skin

And locked on my face

This wonderful grin

Your beautiful face

In the flickering light

I wish you could see

The same lovely sight

In my mind

This memory stays

Even if you are

So far away

By:Chris Church

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Things Change

Was it ever meant to be

Was I just blind

And couldn't see

You said you loved me

You said you cared

Did your feelings change

When I got there

Was it the way I looked

The way I dressed

What did I do

To make you care less

You really hurt me

But you don't know

'Cause I think I'd hurt you

If I let it show

If I hurt you

I hurt me too

I cannot win

What can I do

By: Chris Church

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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

Is a wonderful thing

Maybe one day

I'll give you a ring

But for now I hope

These roses will do

To show you how much

I feel for you

Maybe someday

On down the line

You'll understand

That you're my sunshine

By:Chris Church

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When They Want It To End


If I agree

Then all the chances are gone

No more relationship problems

Yet no love to rely on

For a while I'll be scared

Sad and alone

But no more arguments

No casting of stones

Could go on forever

Thinking this was the one

Maybe lose everything

My life could come undone


If I disagree

Then we fight on

Try and sort it out

See if it's right or it's wrong

If it still doesn't work out

At least we gave it a try

All the reasons on the table

Never have to wonder why

If we go on forever

That speaks for itself

For years down the road

Family pictures on the shelf

By: Chris Church

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Where Are Our Problems

As we lie on our backs

Under the stars

Where are our problems

Oh, they're so far

Wondering freely

Over this countryside

Telling the feelings

That we no longer hide

Holding your hand

As we walk along

I stop under an oak tree

To sing you a song

I sing from my heart

As I look in your eyes

And I can't help but wonder

If you liked my surprise

Up ahead there's a clearing

Between a few trees

We walk together

And feel that warm breeze

I whisper "I love you"

As you lie in my arms

I love your looks

And your charismatic charms

And as we hold each other

Lost in the night

Where are our problems

They're nowhere in sight

By:Chris Church

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The things I write

Are from my heart

Seems I can stop

Once I start

This is not a talent

It's just a way

To show how I feel

This and everyday

Because my words rhyme

Or they're written in verse

They don't mean anymore

Than regular words

But everything I say

Couldn't be more true

And I can't think of a better way

To show my feelings for you

Even though I write many words

It only takes one plus two

To say all the words I need


By: Chris Church

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Your Beauty

Your beauty is like

A wonderful song

When I love you

I can't go wrong

I wish that I

Told you before

You found the love

That you adore

But if I am

Way too late

Not having you

Is what I'll hate

I'll try to get you

For the rest of my life

Then maybe one day

You'll be my wife

By:Chris Church

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You're My Every Thought

My thoughts of you

They never stop

When I'm with you

My heart just drops

The lonely days

The sleepless nights

I know for me

You'd be just right

I know I've never felt this way

To be with you

Is where I'd like to stay

But for now

You've got a guy

But I could Help you

Reach the sky

My love for you

Just keeps on growing

And my thoughts of you

Aren't close to slowing

By:Chris Church

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You're Picture

I stare at your picture

Your beautiful face

You look more delicate

Than silken lace

I speak to your picture

But you're nowhere near

I wish that you

Could just be here

I tried to tell you

But all-for-not

For your heart

Was already caught

I just waited

Far too long

But I know

Your choice

Was wrong

If you could only

Feel my pain

You'd change your mind

Once again

By:Chris Church

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All Poems Property of Chris Church

Duplication Without Permission is Not Permitted

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